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The end of the Awana year is upon us. And if you live in a place like Chicago where it actually snowed this weekend (yes, on April 20th) – it’s doubly hard to believe that it’s time for summer break.

Alas …

Some of you have already had your awards night, but some of you still have a few more weeks of club.

Awana leaders put in a lot of time and effort – so why not challenge your children to come up with a creative way to say “thank-you” to their leaders? The gift doesn’t have to be expensive – in fact, something inexpensive that your children can buy with their own money might make the gift more special.

Here are six ideas.  Show them to your kids and ask if they have any ideas what they could do for their own leaders.

Let your kids be creative and share their ideas with us!



Most leaders appreciate any school-type supplies to make posters or crafts and for doing club bulletin boards.


How many “good” and “plenty” descriptive combinations can your child make up about the past year?


You could find a gift that illustrates a verse.


You could connect the candy name to the club year!


Leaders put in a lot of time – give them a PayDay!



How many words can your child thing of that start with M and have something to do with the Awana year?

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